Your 2018 planning committee is

Geoff & Cicely Kracoe
Richard & Noel McClain
Rodney & Joy McClain
Thomas & Tasha Reese


Find your state & Your regional contact
Find your state & Your regional contact
The Crawford-Buckner family is HUGE and spread out throughout the United States.
As we plan and prepare for this reunion, we want more involvement and input from EVERY generation. That's why we have added more communication on social media. However, person to person, voice to voice is also very important. We want to hear from you so that this reunion and future reunions can be exciting for everyone. We want to GROW our particiation.

We've decided to provide you a REGIONAL CONTACT! By using the map below you have direct communication with someone near you. Our contact information is below as well as on the ROLL CALL page. Simply find your state and match the color with the contact.

Western States (Orange & Cream)
contact: Richard & Noel McClain

MidWest States (Green both Dark & Light)
contact: Thomas & Tasha Reese

Southern States (Blue both Dark & Medium)
contact: Rodney & Joy McClain

Eastern States (Light Blue, Red, Pink)
contact: Geoff & Cicely Johnson Kracoe